Wow, it is amazing how a week in the ongoing BBA looks like a year already as many followers of the reality show can testify to the fact that a lot has happened within one week of stay by both Upville and downville house mates.
18newspaper takes readers through some selected interesting happening that took place in the house within the one week stay.

Starting off, a look at the downville house mates, their ushering was a colorful event, many came into the house that faithful Sunday with their countries flags and many said they have no strategy at all, they are here to have fun and play the game.
The first diary room session saw some disclosing certain interesting things to biggie, like the first couple in BBA, Ghanaian reps Mildred and Keita his boyfriend said they are here because they want to have fun and it is not all about sex.
Another interesting thing between the two is, Keita became house leader, refused a kiss from a lady contestant, plus baths with Mildred with his boxer shorts on, while Mildred on the other hand threw some advice to his boyfriend saying they should be like as they were in Ghana, we keep to our guard and not act funny.
The first ever cry in the house came when the dowville house mate from Angola told Big brother she wants to go home, so that affected her counterpart but later rescind on her decision due to whatever means we don’t know.
Seriously it is been a week but already Big brother is hearing of some wild crushers in the downville house. Some of the house mates during their second diary room session confessed to biggie saying, they have crushers on other house mates, wow, one week of stay, could it be love at first site.
Still in the downville because that is where most fun is, house mates are been taken through some funny tasks from biggie and they cry of more hot water from biggie which has not yet been solved but in all the downville house mates are getting along pretty well.
Now to the celebrities inside the BBA house star game, first of all, these guys are there as Stars, that is something good for them because they get to use their stage names and get some benefits.
Funny enough the 7 contestants want some changes to biggie rules, like they said they wanted some spots like shagging spots, dark spots, hang out spots, among other spots and to all these spots cameras should not pick on them, what?
In the house, Babs  is said to be playing the self esteem person winning all the other female house mates especially Goldie and she also said not to be talking to Roki (but it was solved last night).
Ghanaian rep DKB in the upville has not played any dramatic scene yet but played super hero when Goldie was attacked and was crying, plus he told biggie about some interesting things going on between Roki, babs and Goldie.
So far a lot has happened in the house within one week of stay and that rings a bell that they remain months will be exciting.
Today is the first house party with Mi Casa and DJ spectacular but tomorrow will be a sad one as someone might leave the house.
Big brother followers can vote for their favorite on 1474 in Ghana on all networks, power the Ghanaians to go far or visit online to vote as well, the more you vote the chances of winning something from biggie.
Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/


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